Review by Lyn M. in Sykesville, MD
They were able to pick up my stuff the same day I called. None of it will go to a landfill -- it's all being reused or recycled! Excellent choice for getting rid of things. 
According to Environmental Protection Agency estimates, approximately 3 million tons of office furniture and furnishings are discarded each year and more than 665,000 tons of waste is created every day in the United States, adding up to more than 243 million tons a year. Of all that trash, more than half ends up in landfills. And Even though furniture is a relatively long product it is a high-volume consumer of landfill space. So why not find a better place to your unwanted furniture 
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Who Are We?

Donation Nation Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3, green certified Non Profit organization dedicated to reducing landfill waste through the collection, recycling, and redistribution of our communities unwanted items! Our process streamlines the donation dance of figuring out which non-profit will accept your items, tax incentivizes your donations and reduces waste and provides a steady stream of tangible essential items for the non profit sector. We hope to be your solution for your unwanted items. 

Our mission began in 2010, with Charles Bailey establishing Donation Nation Inc. with the intention of launching a green removal service, a removal service that is environmentally conscious of its supply and where it goes. We first partnered with many second hand stores/furniture banks  throughout the area. That was a great for the community but we thought we could do more and engage the public to bring more awareness to the issue of misplaced waste and the effects is has on the environment and our neighbors Throughout the years of reinventing our service, and adding additional programs we tried many things and failed forward in some sense but things have be tested to find the best way foward. 

 Donation Nation Inc. responded to the covid pandemic by opening up an huge indoor/outdoor space to help distribute items collected during some of the most difficult times during this pandemic. it was an expensive venture but we had to do something to provide relief to so many. everyone was closed and unwanted items was pouring into the trash/landfills. So we went to work, 
we worked in the cold, heat, rain, or shine all for the purpose of redistribution. 

Since 2010
• 8000+ Donors who have used our green donation services
• 13 million pounds of unwanted items redistributed and recycled 
• 85% Diversion Rate 
Partnered with 8 different non-profits in our region
• 1000+ (5) star reviews on Google, Birdeye, Angie’s list, Yelp, Facebook

In 2022
collected 1.8 million pounds of household and commercial items.
Diverted 1.5 million pounds of goods to our non-profit partners and community.

Donation Nation Inc. is designed to achieve one goal, and goal only, to reduce the amount of waste within our region and move our area into a greener sustainable society, one donation, and one pick up at a time. Our new facility engages the public sector, private sector and the non profit sector helping us distribute items faster than ever before!! this means LESS WASTE!!

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